Salt Lake City Notaries

notaryA notary public, or usually just a notary for short, is a public officer that lawfully serves the public in matters such as foreign and international business, deeds, matters of estate, powers of attorney, and so on.  A notary can have many functions, but the main function is usually to witness and authenticate the execution of certain legal documents.

The purpose of this site is to help provide residents of Salt Lake City Utah with information pertaining to notaries in Salt Lake City. We cover topics such as what is a notary, how to become a notary in Utah, how to find a notary in Salt Lake City, and any other questions about the notary process.

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Examples of documents that might need notarized include:

  • birth certificates
  • marriage licenses
  • school transcripts
  • powers of attorney
  • death certificates
  • adoption dossiers

If you are looking for a notary in the SLC area, check out our list of Salt Lake City notaries.  Salt Lake City notaries are officially trained to bear witness to the signing of legal documents and paperwork to prove good faith intentions were made between two parties.